Is your chart of accounts up to date? Do you understand GAAP standards? Are you prepared if your business gets audited? It may seem like you don’t need an accountant… until you do. And, by then, the damage has been done.

Don’t let your company’s accounting slip by the wayside. Consider contracting with a competent, discrete, and certified public accountant. Get all of the benefits of a CPA without the overhead.

Our primary focus is to make sense of your accounting, which often entails cleaning up your books, creating functional cash flow models, and closing out past fiscal cycles (monthly, quarterly, and annually). 

Even if you already work with a tax accountant, our work will help reduce this expense when we transfer crisp, precise, and well-maintained financial records for his or her annual review. 

Our certified accountant also supports our CFO and bookkeeping services, providing value-added expertise to our other services.

Meet Our Accountant

Kimberly Lesure offers over 15 years of experience and knowledge that will keep your business’s accounting in check. She has been entrusted with multi-million dollar budgets and complex accounting systems for a variety of enterprises: private, public, and nonprofit.