How much time do you dedicate to bookkeeping? From managing payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank account reconciliations, there is a great deal of day-to-day bookkeeping activities that you may be neglecting.

If it is a low priority or often overlooked, then it might be good to contract with a knowledgeable and certified bookkeeper. And you can determine the level of engagement on our part: Angelo Advisors can either take on a portion of your bookkeeping activities or manage the process in its entirety. We want this service to meet your specific needs. 

Our certified bookkeeper is also supported by our finance and accounting members, so you have the backing of a highly qualified and knowledgeable team. 

Meet Our Certified Professional Bookkeeper

With over 17 years of banking, finance, and bookkeeping experience, our Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB), Nikki Gray, is a valuable asset who will free up the time you spend keeping your books so that you can focus on building and improving your business.