Are you certain that the financial situation of your business is solid? Is it financially prepared for the next stage? What financial indicators are you using to measure the performance of your company? Do you know how your business compares to the rest of your industry? Are you effectively managing your risk? What does your financial forecast look like? What changes do you need to make to move your business forward? 

Many small businesses cannot afford, and may not need, a full-time chief financial officer. That’s why Angelo Business Advisors offers such a service on a customized basis to fit your needs and budget.

You determine the level of engagement and timeline that works for you. We can handle special one-off projects, act as an interim CFO for several months, or serve as your primary financial officer indefinitely.  The choice is yours. 


Meet your Financial Officer

After 12 years in the banking and finance world, John Angelo offers a wealth of experience for your business. As an outside consultant, he can offer the objective analysis that your business needs to sustain itself financially.