Meet John Angelo

In July 2015, I took a big risk.

For the 12 years prior, I lived comfortably in the world of banking and finance, specializing mostly in commercial and agricultural lending in the Western Slope of Colorado. During that time frame I came in contact with countless of small business owners and agricultural producers working hard to make their professional ambitions come to life.

However, I noticed a common theme among many of these hard-working individuals: They were excellent at producing a product or service, but did not have access to impartial financial expertise on a basis that made sense for the size of their business – They needed a resource to help with the financial management and direction of their business. More so, it never made financial sense to hire a full-time person, with the expertise, to handle these responsibilities.

Seeing this need, I jumped at the opportunity to provide this resource to our business community. In July 2015, I resigned from my post as Market President from a regional bank, I launched Angelo Business Advisors – a firm dedicated to empowering small business owners with the financial knowledge and business skills needed to make their enterprise thrive.

I bring more than just a wealth of experience from the financial and banking sectors. I pride myself on being honest, transparent, and reliable. Furthermore, I will bring clarity to your financial situation, explaining it in terms you will understand so that you can make a well-informed decision about the future of your business.

The business environment provides no shortage of stressful situations: starting a business, financial stress, rapid growth, transition of ownership, etc. Allow me to be your compass, helping you find true north in choppy and unforgiving waters. 


A top-tier executive with over a decade of banking and financial experience


A Western Colorado native, committed to raising his family in the community he loves


Texas Christian University - Ranch Management
Colorado State University - Agriculture Business
Graduate School of Banking at Colorado

My goal is to provide affordable and accessible business knowledge that has my clients’ best interest at heart.
— John Angelo